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I was a kid when I first visited the MOMA, I  didn't get why they called it abstract, I had never seen art so distinctly passionate.

Painting is how I explore and share my most authentic self. It's a meditation on instinct. I continually practice skills to play with it more freely.

The colors, action and shapes expressed in my work feel like recollection which I hope resonates  with the viewer through shared unconscious.

I grew up in NY, then explored Alaska for fifteen years before moving to Seattle; both urban and wilderness experiences inform my work as a designer and painter.

I worked in the arts for many years before opening an expressionist gallery. I've made painting a priority for many years since.  

The Dogma:
After several weeks solo kayaking off the coast of Alaska, I ran into a Monk who I asked, why are we here?  Without a blink he said, “because from this place we can dream”

Individual  points of view are unique throughout the infinite universe; it took billions of years to create beings with perception, physicality and the imagination to conceive all we have come to know…Infinity shares in our explorations and fills our hearts the more deeply we engage. My works are expressions of this reciprocal compassion.

Thanks for participating,

Barry Connolly

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